Reasons Your Real Estate Website Doesn’t Have Visitors

Have you signed up to get a new website and later on left it thinking that it can turn to a real estate lead-generation machine? It is not how these websites are managed. This is also not the way real estate operates today, especially those who want to succeed in their career. If perhaps you are doing this, then you now have one answer as to why your visitors do not have visitors. You need to spend enough time on managing and maintaining your website for it to become effective in generating leads.

Make your Website a Lead Generation Machine by Avoiding These Reasons!

  1. Not Mobile-Optimized

Mobile-optimized websites are now the trend in internet marketing and in bringing more traffic to your site. You need to know that most users nowadays also preferred using their mobile in searching the web. Hence, your site does not only have to look good on desktops anymore. It needs to be accessible to tablets and Smartphones already to build your share in the market.

  1. Poor Website Structure

A poor website structure means killing your SEO opportunities. A good and effective website is defined by how well its structure is – the design – and its URL, internet linking, navigation setup structure. If it does not have these elements, be prepared not to see your site on the search engine’s result pages. Fortunately, you can simply work on getting your site properly indexed in search engines if this is the reason why it is not receiving visitors.

  1. Not Publishing Content Regularly

It does not just mean the blog posts. This covers landing pages as well, which is proven in studies to bring more traffic as well as leads for any brands. One study showed that companies having over 4o landing pages are more likely to earn many leads than those with only about 5 landing pages or less. Others may not want to have that many of these landing pages on their site. But you need to remember that the more pages present on a site, the higher that chances that users can find what they are searching for. Hence, you need to promote the use of regularly publishing content, not just in one form, but in other types as well, including infographics and eBooks.

  1. Outdated

Confusing navigation and randomly scattered buttons, widgets and content are reasons for visitors not to stay and just leave. The best thing to do is get a new real estate website and make it aesthetically pleasing. Make the most of it by adding widgets showing featured listings or most recent blog posts. Do not include yourself on those lists of websites that users reject because of low quality web design if you know you can still change it. Make it look more modern by adding professional-looking photography and real estate videos that are branded.

  1. Slow Loading Speed

Another reason why you are not getting visitors to your website or if it has, but your clients always leave immediately, is the long loading period. One reason it frequently happens is because of the weight page of the website, which means it has a large file. Remember that visitors need information and they need to access it quickly.

Do any of these reasons apply to your case? Optimize your real estate website’s elements now!  To learn more: